We are working on a research and development project that is related to the modification and certification of small aeroplanes and their engines to allow operation with Ethanol containing automotive gasoline that contributes to reduction of environmental pollution and costs.


Majority of piston engine powered General Aviation aircraft are running on aviation gasoline (Avgas) grades that are more expensive than Ethanol containing gasoline grades used by automobiles. In addition, most of the piston aero engines are still burning lead containing Avgas (100LL). No certified solution is available to allow operation of aircraft engines with Ethanol containing, EN 228 Standard fuel grade.


Consequently, the project aims to result in certified modifications of the common piston aero engines and small aircraft that allow use of Ethanol containing gasoline. It will reduce fuel cost (30-40%) for small aircraft, while it will not require replacement of old engines. Yet, it will involve replacement of some parts and changes to operational procedures leading to an economical solution. The project will also allow eliminating lead containing Avgas and introducing renewable energy using Ethanol. This will reduce greenhouse gas emission, combating climate change and contributing to environmental protection.


See details of the completed Horizon 2020 SMI Instrument Phase 1 project at:



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement

No 835381


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