Our associates have a lot of experience at their disposal which they gained in the aviation industry.


We are offering this knowledge to support our clients, which includes

  • independent audit services
  • preparation of aviation documentation
  • individual consulting projects


Independent audit services


Our offering for independent audit services includes

  • providing support for our clients’ existing internal quality systems for completing audits based on aviation regulatory requirements
  • perform audits independently on request of our clients.


Our area of competence includes Flight Operations, Continuing Airworthiness, Maintenance, Design and Production Organisations

For these areas we are also offering Subcontractor, Supplier and Contractors audits as well as preparation of external audits (Authority, Customer)


Our audit service proves encompasses the following phases:

  • Identification of needs:
  • Gap analysis: Starting with the verification of existing documentation, manuals, procedures to identify deficiencies and inaccuracies. On-site audits based on the relevant aviation regulations and guidance materials that results in a detailed report. The report ascertains the areas and requirements compliance is ensured as well as those where shortcomings exist in terms of regulatory compliance. The report also contains recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Implementation: Corrective action plan is determined, and the actions are shared for implementation between the client and our experts. We can provide support for completion of corrective actions or for managing the project for corrective action plan implementation.
  • Training: Complementary to corrective action implementation, we are ready to provide various training courses, including those of existing in our programme or specifically tailored for the needs of the client.


Preparation and maintenance of documentation


Our experts develop the documentation to comply with regulatory requirements and needs of clients. This also includes assisting or coaching clients for developing the documents or certain parts of documentation.


The documentation assortment includes the following:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
  • Maintenance Organisation Exposition
  • Design Organisation Handbook
  • Production Organisation Exposition
  • Maintenance programs


As we are continuously keeping track of regulatory changes our experts keep clients promptly informed when changes to documentation is necessary. Our support includes amendments services to documentation, which ensures that our clients remain in compliance during regulatory changes.


Individual consulting projects


We provide amongst other the following consulting services:

  • Project organization and project management
  • Project execution and project controlling
  • Business plan preparation
  • Establishment and start-up of aviation companies
  • Assistance in the implementation and certification process of aviation approvals (e.g. AOC, NCC, SPO, CAMO, Part 145)
  • Legal advice
  • Assistance in contract drafting and assessment
  • Occupational safety management


If you have any questions or require more information, please, contact us directly.


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