Our aim is keeping your aircraft airworthy and let you fly when you want. We will work closely with you to develop an individual solution, tailored specifically to the needs of your aircraft.


We are a holder of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) Approval.

Approval Certificate (Link)

Approval Schedule (Link)


Our CAMO services contain the following includes the following that will ensure airworthiness of your aircraft:


  • Development of your Aircraft Maintenance Programme, which is
    • tailored to your aircraft specific configuration and needs
    • kept up to date in line with the latest data of the aircraft manufacturer (TC holder) and the regulatory requirements
    • get approved either by our CAMO or by competent authority with our coordination, as appropriate


  • Management of your aircraft, based on your Aircraft Maintenance Programme, which includes
    • Monitoring of due maintenance tasks and life limits
    • Recording and tracking of operating times
    • Scheduling of maintenance tasks and preparing task cards and work packages for maintenance work
    • Contracting and controlling maintenance at maintenance provider of your choice
    • Management of maintenance records
    • Tracking of deferred items and rectification management
    • Assessment and management of Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
    • Modification and repair approval/status management 
  • Airworthiness certification, including
    • Airworthiness review
    • Recovery of incomplete documentation
    • Technical and airworthiness review of aircraft before purchase
    • Support for Flight Conditions Approval and Permit to Fly
    • Management of minor change and minor repair approvals
    • Import aircraft to the EU (including new and used)
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